JB Stitchery


Embroidery is not screen printing. An automatic press that can print 400 shirts an hour does not exist in the world of embroidery. It is a slower process, it requires an immersive amount of detail, focus, and precision. You can give massive price breaks for volume and screen printing, embroidery is different. There is a lot more manual labor involved beyond loading and unloading a shirt. Say you have 12 stitching needles on an embroidery machine. They can only run so fast. You’d be lucky to get 50 pieces done an hour for an average of 5,000 stitches. Since every garment has to be hooped, loaded, and sewn, there are fewer price breaks on quantity. Every job is uniquely made! While some shops may give an approximate price for embroidery based on stitches, I take it into account the complexity of the job and how much work is needed to successfully embroider each design. Things we consider How often machines will have to stop to cut thread and change colors. How many threads I'll have to trim after. How hard a garment worker item is going to be a hoop. Hats might be harder than flats, jackets and/or bags. What special backing will need to use. How many sew outs will be needed. How many times I might need to digitize a pattern. Unfortunately, there is no price calculator for these little details that hiccup jobs along the way. Pricing Embroidery – $1.00 per 1,000 stitches. Minimum 5,000 stitches per item. Digitizing – price of digitizing is based on the number of stitches in the logo, name, or design. Please call or email for a quote on digitizing. Note: minimum number of items I will embroider is one.